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I ask that you don't replicate my artwork without my permission, preferably my OCs I've worked very hard on drawing them as well as creating who they are. If you do replicate please link me to your drawing, because I would very much like to see what you do with them. Just don't try to pass my ideas off as your own thank you.

Now to tell you a little bit about myself, I'm 19 and I enjoy drawing and meeting new people. I usually draw in anime/manga style, but I can also draw realistic. I'm always open to new advice on how to improve, if you have any I'd love to hear them. I'm also hoping become an art therapist, this isn't my dream job but it will be a good place to start.

If you'd like to get to know me more just ask, I can be reach at or you can just leave a comment.


Coil Pot 1 by animalgirl314
Coil Pot 1
This is one of 2 photographs I took of my coil pot that I made in my intro to art class this year. Unfortunately my snake broke twice and when I glued it back together the two pieces wouldn't connect. 
O Come All Ye Ducks by animalgirl314
O Come All Ye Ducks
Well heres the duck that will bring joy this holiday season.

I have to thank my boyfriend Darth80 for naming the piece.

If anyone has any pointers/advice on how I can improve let me know in the comments, even if you don't feel free to leave a comment anyways. Also check out my Duckservice page on 
Gift From the Heart by animalgirl314
Gift From the Heart
This my entry for the Gift of Art contest.

I have so many special people in my life, and the only true thing I can give them is my heart. Even in the dead of winter I would them my heart just to see them smile.

I made this in photoshop.
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Thats right not only do I have a Facebook page… for Duckservice but now theres a Tumblr page too
  • Listening to: Celtic Women
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Yes, I want to know how you button your shirt. I'm really curious about this, because today I buttoning up my new bowling shirt and my grandma thought it was odd that I started from the bottom and she wasn't the only one.

So I ask you do you button your shirt starting from the bottom up (like me) or do you button it starting from the top down?

Please post your answer in the comments, I'm also totally open to discussing this as well.
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Thats right DuckService now has its own Facebook page. Click on the link below to check it out and give the page a like:iconmnrthumbsupplz:…

There isn't much on it at the moment, but as time goes by it will grow and grow until DuckService is everywhere and the world is mine all mine MuhahaYami Bakura evil laughter  

Basil Oops uh did I say that? What I meant to say is you're likes will be very much appreciated Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile)  and it means I'll have a reason to continue DuckService, when the time comes that look at my life and think why the hell am I doing this. Then I'll look and remember oh yeah, I'm a freak and these other freaks like my work yayAnime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] .

I really should stop talking. Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] Oh but before I do, I should mention I'm sick and my back went out on me also so I haven't been drawing within the past week. Which means Lost Memories may not be up until next week if I'm lucky.
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So college started again earlier this week. So that means I have to work on a lot of schoolwork which also means less time working on art, but I do have an art class. So that means I'll be trying new stuff there.

Now just because I have school doesn't mean I'm going to stop making Duckservice (sorry people still happening). I will try and post one Duckservice drawing within the first week of every month. For those of you that haven't seen my first Duckservice drawing here you go Laying Down at the Beach by animalgirl314

As for my comic Lost Memories, I've finally made the first page. Unfortunately I'm not sure what my uploading schedule for that will be. I am hoping to upload it once a week except for the first week of the month (thats reserved for Duckservice). I'm not sure if I will be able to do this or not, but I will try. For those of you haven't seen the first page here it is Lost Memories Page 1 by animalgirl314

I'm going to try my best to upload at least something once a week, but like I said college has started and its going to be tough. We'll just have to see how it goes. In the mean time those of you who are starting school or have already started, good luckAmerica (Salutes) [V6]  because we're all going to need it School Rumble: TTnTT 
I will draw almost anything, so long as they don't go against the things I won't draw.

What I won't draw:
  • Porn / Sex / Masturbation
  • Nudity
  • Gore
  • Realistic
What I will draw:
  • Humans / Humanoid Characters
  • Animals (Fantasy/Real)
  • Original Characters (with references)
If something isn't mentioned or you have questions about my restrictions, feel free to ask. Also I do have the right to decline your commission request. If your request is not something I am comfortable drawing, I have the right to say no and I will. So please make sure your request fits my guidelines.

Prices and Samples

Line Art Character
LineArt 4 by animalgirl314Mermaid LineArt by animalgirl314Happy Girl LineArt by animalgirl314

Line Art Character with Background
Coral Human WIP by animalgirl314

Character Base Color
Coral Human WIP2 by animalgirl314Angel WIP2 by animalgirl314Angel Human WIP 1 by animalgirl314

Character Base Color with Background Base Color
10 USD

Full Picture with Shading and Lighting
Coral Human by animalgirl314Angel by animalgirl314Angel Human by animalgirl314
20 USD

Additional Character(s)
2 USD extra

Prices may be subject to change, depending on how much detail wanted.

To Order
  1. Send me a note with the title "COMMISSION." Include details such as: which type of commission you would like, number of characters, if it is original or fan art, etc. 
  • If it is fanart, please tell me the name of the anime/manga/movie/show/etc. and send picture references of the characters. Please do not ask me to find it on my own.
  • If it is an original character, please give me as much detail and as many references as possible.
  • If I need more details/references, I will let you know.
    2. I will confirm your order and send you the total price, as well as information on how to send payment.
 I ask for full payment up front, and will not start working until payment is received.
  • I use Paypal only.
  • You only get a refund if I do not get the drawing to you within 3 months, or you cancel your request before I start it.
    4. I will let you know when I have finished your piece. I will send you the original file in .JEPG.

Copyright Information
  1. Commissions are only for your personal use. Do not claim it was created by you, do not sell, and do not post into your deviantART gallery without giving credit to me and linking to the original.
  2. The character may belong to you, but the artwork is mine.
  3. As the creator, I have the right to upload the commission to any location of my choosing. I do not do private commissions. Please expect your commission to be displayed if you purchase from me.

There will be 3 slots for the time being. Perhaps in the future there will be more. First come first serve.
  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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